WooCommerce Tutorial: Virtual, Downloadable and External Product

Now you already know how to add a simple product to WooCommerce. However, what if the product you want to sell is virtual, downloadable, or even external? WooCommerce is a solution to handle it:

Added Grouped Product. To add a grouped product, select Grouped in Product Type. This option will remove the price and other categories from the Product Data page. Next step, add child product to Group product. To add a child product, create a simple new product. On the Linked Product page, select the parent product from the Grouping drop down.

External Product. To add an external product or affiliate product, select External / Affiliate in the Product Type drop-down menu. A command will appear asking you to enter the URL to the destination site.

Variable Product. How to add a product variable is actually the same as when you add a simple product. Select Product Type as Variable. Variation tab will be added in your Product Data page.

Variations. In the Variations tab, you can add details of the different variations, as well as the differences.
Virtual Product. To add a virtual product, all you have to do is check the Virtual checkbox in the Product Type page.

Downloadable Product. Just by clicking the Downloadable checkbox, the product you are selling can be downloaded. You can also specify the download path file and the maximum number of files that can be downloaded. For unlimited downloads, free download limit.

After you have finished determining the product type and entering the product data, move the cursor to the bottom of the page where a short description of the product can be added. You’ll see it just below the product title.

woocommerce-product-short-description WooCommerce Tutorial: Virtual, Downloadable and External Product

You can add product categories, tags, set featured image, and product image gallery on the right side of the page. This setting is almost the same as the settings you see when creating a new WordPress post. The only difference lies in the Options Catalog Visibility that has the following settings:

Option Option  Explanation
Catalog and search Product will be visible everywhere: search results, category and shop pages
Catalog Product will be visible only in shop and category pages, it will not show up on search results.
Search Product will be visible only in search results, it will not show up on the shop page or category pages.
Hidden Product will be visible only on the single product page, and it will not show up on any other pages.

After setting everything up, click the Publish button and check the product page. For example, our product page should look like this:

woocommerce-product-short-description WooCommerce Tutorial: Virtual, Downloadable and External Product


Step 3.2 – Set Up the Product

You can see all the products and arrange them on the Products page. On this page you can edit, delete, copy, and highlight a product. If you have lots of stuff to sell, you can apply bulk actions.

woocommerce-product-short-description WooCommerce Tutorial: Virtual, Downloadable and External Product

  • Copying a product can be done on the product page. All you need to do is click Duplicate option. A new draft will be created by WooCommerce. Open the draft. This option will be very useful if you want to sell many products.
  • You can also mark a product you want to highlight. Click the Star sign in the options for the product. Featured products will be emblazoned on the main page or included in the post using the shortcode.
  • To remove a product, click the Trash button that appears under Product Name as you move the cursor around it.

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