Why Choose WooCommerce to Promote Your Products?

Do you have a product or service to sell? Or you want to earn money from the website but do not know how to get started?

Ecommerce is now a trend, because it includes the type of business that is resistant to long-term, profitable, and can replace the physical store. You can create your own online business with this model, have an outward market target and potentially more successful than traditional business.

Did you know that it turns out that 70% of people who like to cart online think they can get a cheaper price when shopping online. In addition, about 80% of people in America have been shopping online, at least 1x! This number will increase in the following years.

If you ever thought of creating an online store, now is the right time! You have to believe that running an online store is not a high-level science like rocket science.

WooCommerce is an open source ecommerce plugin designed for WordPress. This is a fast platform to use for both small and large businesses. WooCommerce has various functions like different payment & shipping methods, product variables, etc.

Why Choose WooCommerce to Promote Your Products?

Designed for WordPress. There are no significant obstacles when combining WooCommerce and WordPress. With WooCommerce, you can also connect with millions of WordPress users.

Can be customized as you want. Regardless of shape or size, small or large, little or much, WooCommerce really benefits you.

Solid Security. WooCommerce protects your data security so it will not fall into any third party platform. In addition, the security of buying and selling transactions between you and customers will also be protected by WooCommerce.

Audited by Sucuri. WooCommerce is based on coding standards and the best performance of WordPress.
A large and growing global community. There are over 350 contributors and more than 1 million WooCommerce installations to date.

Well documented. WooCommerce has comprehensive instructions and documentation covering various topics, such as setup, SSL, theming, snippert, and else.

A collection is free and paid extensions. Excess WooCommerce is the number of free and paid extensions. With extensions, you can customize WooCommerce using a variety of features and integration.

After reading the above explanation, surely now you are wondering how to start an ecommerce business using WooCommerce. Read the WooCommerce tutorial in next post to get the answer!


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