What is Definition of CRM

What is Definition of CRM

What is Definition of CRM

In the business world the relationship between the customer and the company is a vital. Earlier, we already know about marketing that is useful to capture customers. How do we retain loyal customers to keep buying products or using our services or keep long term relationship? CRM is the answer.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a process to obtain, maintain and enhance profitable customer. CRM aims to create customer value, so customers satisfied, and maximize profits for the company, gain competitive advantage, pay attention to product quality in order to provide excellent customer satisfaction.

CRM is a leading marketing operations that company use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle to improve business relationships with customers, customer demand generation, assisting customers retention and driving sales growth. Customer Relationship Management is the process of building and maintaining long-term relationships that benefit customers through the provision of valuable and satisfying services and also new approach to manage cooperate and customer relationships at the business level to maximize communication on an going basis in relation to satisfaction trough the management of different contact with customers.

While a software application can’t completely replace the significance of effective face to face customer service practices; CRM is designed to allow companies to facilitate effective marketing, sales and data management efforts. CRM enables you to Strategies, Execute and Transform your marketing activities to deliver Marketing Operations Excellence. This approach makes it possible to retain customers and provide added value continuously to customers, while also gaining sustainable benefits.

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