Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Technology & Advantages

Video Conferencing Technology

What is video conferencing?
Video conferencing is a live visual technology connection between two or more participants in different locations by using computer networks to transmit data and audio without having to move to a single location. With video conferencing, businesses can now hold meetings with the participants being virtually anywhere in the world and those who participate in the meeting can see, hear and speak to one another, regardless of their geographical location, in real time.

The Advantage of Video Conferring

1. Save Travel Cost
With Video Conferencing companies can save a lot of money, because they don’t need to spend money transporting employees to meetings. They can save money for travel cost especially for employee training and shortened project times as a result of improved communications among team members. It avoids the participants having to spend time travelling to meet each other.

2. Time Efficient
With Video conferencing you can organize and hold a meeting within the hour with participants from remote places all over the world and the participants in different locations are able to work on the same electronic document. Your business moves without you having to move. And that’s very fast. Participants will no longer have excuses related to location and travel; they only have to free themselves

3. Easy Communication
Besides, the visual nature of video conferencing even allows you to investigate the activities without need to site visit. You can make the correct decision with video conference. While it will not be like being physically present, the interaction is adequate

4. Cheap
Another reason why video conferencing good is cheap. You just need a personal computer, webcam and high speed internet connection.

5. Reduced carbon footprint
Governments around the world have set targets for reducing carbon emissions and brought in regulation for businesses to comply with to achieve those targets. Using video conferencing instead of travelling helps you to reduce your carbon footprint and demonstrates your own green credentials.


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