Timeline of Computing

Timeline of Computing 1950-2017

Timeline of Computing 1990-1999

– Microsoft Office software released

– The World Wide Web is launched to the public on August 6, 1991
– The first laptop computer’the Power Book is release.
– The Linux kernel is born with the following post to the Usenet Newsgroup comp.os.minix by Linus Torvalds

– Microsoft releases Windows 3.0 on 20 Sep, 1990

– YAHOO is created in April, 1994

– Microsoft releases Windows 95, replacing Windows 3.1
– Java is introduced. JavaScript development announced by Netscape.
– Amazon: Amazon.com is founded by Jeff Bezos on 20 Sep, 1995
– EBay is founded by Pierre Omidyar on 20 Sep, 1995.
– Hotmail is started by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia on 20 Sep, 1995. Hotmail is commercially launched on Independence Day in the United States, symbolically representing freedom from Internet service providers. (Hotmail is now owned and operated by Microsoft.)

– Nokia released the Nokia 9000, the first of Nokia’s smartphones
– Toshiba released the “Libretto” sub-notebook
– WebTV: s introduced for the first time
– The DVD Video format is first introduced by Toshiba in Japan in November, 1996

– Microsoft released Windows 98
– Google is founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page on September 7, 1998
– PayPal is founded by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin
– Apple Power Book G3 is released on 20 Sep, 1998

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