The Best Windows 8 Tablet 2017

The Best Windows 8 Tablet 2017

The Best Windows 8 Tablet 2017

Hard to believe, since the iPad was first released 3 years ago, People who demand to buy a tablet like iPad is boomed significantly. Although the tablet PC has long been a dream, it’s only in the last few years that it’s become a reality.

Tablets that are launched on the market today are present in a choice of diverse operating systems both Android, iOS, and Windows. While android dominate of  gadget market, tablets with Windows 8 operating system is also quite a lot of interest seeking by people. The reason is Windows 8 has  attractive performance and look sophisticated. Tablets with OS Windows 8 have been produced by various gadgets companies such as senior companies like Samsung, Asus, and Acer. Some of local product also using Windows 8 as their operating sytsem. Here are some of the best Windows 8 tablet options in 2017

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro

microsoft-surface-pro-4-20-1 The Best Windows 8 Tablet 2017

These give you a better way to take notes in class or type up an email or a term paper, and generally provide a well-rounded Windows experience. This tablet offers a luxurious design with a 13 inch screen size, this is quite large tablet size and offers a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels. Tablet with a weight of 789 grams is running with Windows operating system 8.1 Pro. At the top of the screen is pinned 5 MP front camera. Meanwhile, behind the camera also offers the same resolution of 5 mp. This tablet is equipped with an Intel Core i7 1.9 GHz speed and combined with 8 GB of RAM. The graphics processor uses Intel HD Graphics. Internal memory is also big 512 GB and can still be expanded via microSD


  1. Dell Latitude 5285 2-in-1

microsoft-surface-pro-4-20-1 The Best Windows 8 Tablet 2017

Dell is making the Latitude 5285 as per as existing customer base. With Speedy overall performance; Durable chassis; Thin, light design, Dell Latitude 12 5285 2-in-1 bears more than a passing resemblance to Microsoft’s well-established Surface Pro 4. If you want to run a small or medium business with Dell Latitude 5285 2-in 1 is match partner for you. Dell doesn’t offer a version base on a Core m processor like Microsoft. But like the Surface Pro 4, the Latitude 12 5285 can be equipped with different Core-i processors. With the latest dual-core Intel seventh generation Core-i processors, the Latitude 5285 has plenty of options to match the budgets. With 11 hours battery ours of battery life, Two USB-C ports,  Travel Keyboard cover and Active Pen included in tested configuration Dell Latitude 5285 is a capable business-focused 2-in-1 Windows tablet with Core i7-processor power and enough battery life to last well into overtime. It could easily replace your work laptop


  1. Asus VivoTab Smart

microsoft-surface-pro-4-20-1 The Best Windows 8 Tablet 2017

Tablet made by Asus, comes with a touch screen measuring 10.1 inch IPS panel technology with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Operating system is using Windows OS 8. Inside, this tablet is also equipped with a reliable powered by a dual core processor from Intel ATOM Z2760 1.8 GHz speed and combined with 2 GB of RAM . Weight 580 grams with a thickness of only 9.7 mm. In addition, this tablet is also equipped with a battery that lasts 9.5 hours in just one charge. The Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C is aimed at the budget shopper who wants a full Windows 8 slate tablet, but it won’t replace your laptop. Relatively cheap. Multiple colors available. Experience the innovated 3 in 1 TranSleeve Keyboard! The foldable cover can be used as a sleeve as well as a stand. Transform it with the ultra-thin and light keyboard, boost your mobility and productivity anytime anywhere. Store and share with 64GB eMMC of built-in memory, a USB port and 32GB of ASUS WebStorage space for 3 years.


  1. HP Spectre x2

microsoft-surface-pro-4-20-1 The Best Windows 8 Tablet 2017

The HP Specter x2 is a tablet with a removable keyboard chassis. The first generation of this device got a pretty good reception when it was introduced two years ago. Unfortunately the device can only be configured with an Inter Core processor “m” because of that, with this last version, HP created HP spectre x2 with Intel Core Processor by support line “I.  HP realized consumer demand.

The new version of the x2 Spectre is claimed to be capable of performing better, but will have little difficulty in maintaining the temperature when the device works due to the absence of the cooling system, as well as shorten the battery life. HP estimates this device will last for eight hours, lower than the first generation claimed to last for 10 hours. In addition, the dimensions of this tablet also become slightly thicker, but HP managed to minimize the bezel so as to beautify the look of the device as a whole.

In addition, HP also updated a number of other specifications, including a higher resolution of 3000×2000 pixels on a screen similar size 12 inch predecessor. The latest generation Specters x2 is also equipped with 360GB SSD and supported USB Type-C port. The Spectre x2 boldly redefines how you interact with your PC—with optimized angles for inking, an impressive 6M pixel display, and the cutting-edge specs you need to ignite your potential.


  1. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

microsoft-surface-pro-4-20-1 The Best Windows 8 Tablet 2017

This time, Samsung tries to pit the fate by launching the latest product  is Samsung Galaxy TabPro S.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is the latest product by Samsung with Windows processor as operating sytem. The Price Samsung Galaxy TabPro S as same as like the class of tablets with the first widescreen-based windows of Samsung Galaxy.  This product offers a uniquely vibrant Super AMOLED screen you won’t find on any Windows device either, plus a pair of punchy speakers that actually sound good. The 12-inch touchscreen is big enough for your Galaxy TabPro S to serve as a fully functional mobile office. And when you want to unwind, the beautiful sAMOLED display becomes your very own movie theater. Colors are brighter and better on the high resolution displayOne thing the most interesting with Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is the  internal memory capacity is super jumbo. Providing with two versions, this tablet also has two internal memory options that is 128 GB / 256 GB. Of course the usability of Samsung Galaxy TabPro S will be more and more in accommodating both data android applications and thousands of photos from camera shots. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S has a battery power of 5,200 mAh. But unfortunately, the  keyboard feels a bit lackluster but if you get over this short coming, it’s the perfect Windows 10 tablet to use while streaming media and games

Source : Asus, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Samsung.

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