WooCommerce Tutorial: Simple Product

In this Ecommerce tutorial, you will learn all the things needed to create WooCommerce on your WordPress website and start selling your product.

Tutorial to install Woocomerce on WordPress
What do you need?
Step 1 – Installing and Enabling WooCommerce
Step 2 – Starting WooCommerce
Step 3 – Adding and Managing the Product
Step 4 – Manage WooCommerce

What do you need

Before starting this tutorial you need:

  • Access to WordPress admin area.

Step 1 – Installing and Enabling WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free plugin from WordPress and can be installed from the official WordPress plugin directory. First of all, you must login to the WordPress admin area by entering your username and password. Second, follow the steps below to install WooCommerce.

  1. Select Plugins from the menu on the left side of your WordPress admin area.
  2. On the plugins page, click the Add New button.
  3. Type WooCommerce in the plugin search field.
  4. Type the WooCommerce plugin in the search area and select the Install Now.
  5. A notification will appear that the WooCommerce installation is in progress. After the installation process is complete, click the Activate button.

If you want more detailed instructions on how to install the WP plugin, you can see this tutorial.
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