Best Antivirus Download for Android

Best Antivirus Download for Android

Best Antivirus Download for Android

Along with the rapid development of technology, Antivirus is an application that has a very important role for our gadget devices both smart phones, tablets, computers, notebooks and more. With antivirus, you will get security and privacy on the smartphone used. Not only that, antivirus utility has also been increasing from year to year, one of which is able to clean up garbage on the phone and exercise control over the applications to be installed.

If you want to give the best protection for android that you use then you should install antivirus application. There are many types of free antivirus applications that can be found and can be installed for free. Antivirus as well as a protector on your gadget device so it is not easily gets damaged or slow. There are many malware that can infect your gadget so it would be better if it has a good defense.

1. Eset mobile Security – Rank 4.7

eset-Mobile-Security Best Antivirus Download for Android

Eset Mobile Security is an antivirus application that can be downloaded for free and has a good function to protect android from malware or virus. This application has anti-theft feature and also a real-time detection. You can easily detect whether there is a virus or malware on android. How to use this application is also very easy. After you install this application you are already giving protection to your favorite android.

• Simple step-by-step wizard
• Scan for malware
• Anti-phishing
• Proactive anti-theft
• SMS & Call Filter
• Remote Siren
• Tablet Suport
• Real time scanning
Free Download

2. Security 360 – Rank 4.6

eset-Mobile-Security Best Antivirus Download for Android

Security 360 is built and developed by Mobile Security 360 Limited. Antivirus is ranked second in terms of speed and the ability to scan quickly. Security 360 has been trusted by more than 200 million users because it increases the speed of the antivirus application and can optimize application background, increase free memory space, the clean out junk files, and saves power batteries for a long lifetime.
Security 360 is also very lightweight and does not require a lot of power but still giving maximum security protection can also detect malicious applications to your mobile phone. Some of the features on the 360 ‘s flagship Security & Booster is the Real Time Protection, Security Antivirus, Memory Boost, Junk File Cleaner, Anti-theft, Power Saver and privacy. Antivirus 360 Security can be downloaded and found on google play store below. It’s completely and totally free.

• Multi-function lock screen
• Security & Antivirus
• Junk File Cleaner
• Speed Booster
• CPU Cooler Master
• Anti-theft
Free Download


3. IObit Applock – Rank 4.5

eset-Mobile-Security Best Antivirus Download for Android

IObit-Privacy Protect Applock is best Android antivirus that you can install on your android smartphone. This application can provide a system lock and unlock apps easy and fast without password. You can protect privacy by using AI and face recognition. IObit applock is also provide to protect private information on your smartphone.

• Face Lock and unlock apps easy and fast without password
• Lock system settings, switches and any private app
• Fake Lock disguises the lock screen with fun covers
• Fingerprint Lock for more secure lock and fast unlock
• Screen Lock locks your device screen
• Hide private content from notification
• Catch snooper’s photo and notify by email
• Customized Delay Lock to avoid frequently unlock
• Efficiently protect your most used apps
• Tablet and Android 6.0 are supported
Free Download 


4. Dr. Web Light – Rank 4.5

eset-Mobile-Security Best Antivirus Download for Android

The application has features that are diverse with a function which is quite efficient. You can provide good protection for your android. Dr. Web Light has over 100 million users in the worldwide. This application is supporting to protect from all types of malicious programs that steal money and data from Android devices i.e encryption ransomware, unwanted calls and short messages and dangerous web content.

• Quick or full file system scans
• Neutralization of ransomware lockers
• Detect new, unknown malware
• Detected threats are moved to the quarantine
• Detailed statistics reveal what threats have been detected
• SpIDer Guard file monitor
Free Download


5. AVG Antivirus – Rank 4.4

eset-Mobile-Security Best Antivirus Download for Android
AVG Antivirus – Google Image

Who does not know AVG antivirus? It has over 100 million downloads and a respectable 4.4 rating in the Play Store. AVG AntiVirus for Android goes beyond protecting your device and compatible for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The app’s core purpose is to protect your mobile device from security threats and malware which are becoming more and more popular in the mobile domain. AVG is offering two version for install i.e free download and pro. The FREE version offers our malware protection as well as several value-added tools. The PRO version is a full version that includes all the app’s advanced features. AVG a little lighter of the options compared to other brand-name choices and includes real-time protection, scanning devices and Update the antivirus database is consistent. In addition, there is a task killer (which, admittedly, is pointless), anti-theft device, remote data wipe, and you can monitor things like battery usage, storage, and data. One interface is actually quite good comparatively speaking and paid subscribers can also lock the app, call and message blocking, and more.

• Malware & PUP detection
• File Scanner
• Safe Web Browsing
• Task Killer
• App Locker
• Call & Message Blocker
• Anti-Theft
• Device Lock
Free Download


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