Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

4 Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

4 Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

As we know in my previous article that Cloud computing benefits for business is reducing costs and allowing them to concentrate on their core business competence rather than IT and infrastructure issues. Cloud computing is ideal for small business. Cloud computing to streamline IT processes can make daily computing much easier, it’s not something to rush into. But overall, cloud computing has some distinct disadvantages such as video editing is not match to the cloud, graphic design on your laptop or desktop need require high performance, possible down time. Before you taking the leap, you should consider about those disadvantages could be affect to your small business.

Herewith, some of disadvantages of cloud computing that I tried to addressed them:


Possible Down Time

Cloud computing services are internet based that mean probably you depend on your internet connection. Cloud computing services are dependent on the reliability of your internet connection. If there are problems of network connectivity, accessing the cloud also becomes a problem. When it’s offline-you are offline too. Cloud computing services are required good speed internet. Required good speed is mean you need good bandwidth also to access your cloud service.  You need to have a good internet connection always with good bandwidth to download or upload files into cloud. If  you can’t provide your internet connection of these things, you will get problem and suffer from frequent outages or slow speeds. Cloud computing may not be suitable for your business.


Security Issue

Cloud computing is mean internet computing. Since cloud is public service, the client does not have the control over security their own data. Cloud services are public hence it depends on the provider as to how they are taking care of your data. The clients’ data can be susceptible to hacking or phishing attacks. Keep in mind also that your cloud data is accessible from anywhere on the internet. How much can you trust your provider? So, before opting cloud services, it is required that you find a provider who follows max compliances for data security.  You should not forget Code Space, remember what was happening with Amazon Web Service EC2. It was hacked and data eventually deleted. Cloud providers may also be more vulnerable to things like malware attacks. It is always important to make sure you select the right consultant for job.


Limited Control & Lack of Support

Since you are not the owner of infrastructure of cloud, hence you don’t have or have a limited access/control on cloud infra. Integrating internal applications with those on cloud can be complex and in some cases not viable. Not all cloud services are the same. Some cloud providers frequently to offer limited versions and enable the most popular features only, so you may not receive every feature or customization you want. It may be difficult to get them on the phone or by e-mail, and they always provide illustrated user manuals.  In preference, they ask their customers to rely on FAQ pages and online community support, which may not be always very clear. Before signing up, make sure you know what your cloud service provider offers.


Additional Cost

Cloud computing is best solution for a small business enterprise. It may appear with a lot cheaper rather than a particular software solution. it can allow a reduction in staff and hardware costs. But you should to re-thinking to use cloud computing to run your business in-house. Buying an in-house server and installing a network system is definitely a large. In different circumstances, it may appear costing a lot of money to set up cloud computing on a small-scale basis. You need to compare all the costs for supporting both an in-house server and cloud-based server to see which option works best for your situation. So you need to look closely at the pricing plans and details for each application to be sure that you’re saving money and have to try various offerings until you find the right one. It’s a good idea for you to experiment with a variety of offerings.

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